Bhartateel Bauddhdham

Bhartateel Bauddhdham

von: Gail Omvedt

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Verlag: Sage Publications
Format: EPUB
Veröffentl.: 17.04.2017
ISBN/EAN: 9789351507123
Sprache: englisch
Anzahl Seiten: 404

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<p><strong><em><span>SAGE Classics</span></em></strong><span><em><span>&#xa0;</span></em></span><em><span>is a carefully selected list that every discerning reader will want to possess, re-read and enjoy for a long time. These are now priced lower than the original, but is the same version published earlier. SAGE`s commitment to quality remains unchanged.</span></em><span><em><span>&#xa0;</span></em></span><em><span><br> <br> </span></em><span>This fascinating book constitutes a unique exploration of 2,500 years of the development of Buddhism, Brahmanism and caste in India. Taking Dr Ambedkar`s interpretation of Buddhism as its starting point, Dr Gail Omvedt has researched both the original source of the Buddhist cannon and recent literature to provide an absorbing account of the historical, social, political and philosophical aspects of Buddhism. In the process, she discusses a wide range of important issues of current concern.</span><span><br> <br> Dr Omvedt maintains that the revolutionary audacity of Dalit leaders such as Dr B,R. Ambedkar, despite their often subversive reinterpretation of the Buddhist tradition, is in tune with the basic ethos of original Buddhism. Ambedkar found his own middle way by avoiding both the straitjacket of the Marxist ideological response to suppression and the tame reformist within the fold of Hinduism. Since there has always been a struggle of hegemony between competing religious systems, the author argues that given the ascendant position of Buddhism from the 4th century BC to the 6th century AD, ancient India should actually be described as ‘Buddhist India’ and not ‘Hindu India’.<br> <br> Providing an entirely new interpretation of the origins and development of the caste system, which boldly challenges the ‘Hindutva’ version of history, this book will attract a wide readership among all those who are concerned with the state of contemporarty India’s policy and social fabric.</span></p>
<br>Introduction: Reconstructing the World
<br>The Background to Buddhism
<br>The Dhamma: The Basic Teachings of Buddhism
<br>Transitoriness and Transformations
<br>Buddhist Civilisation
<br>The Defeat of Buddhism in India
<br>After Buddhism: The Bhakti Movements
<br>Colonial Challenges, Indian Responses and Buddhist Revival
<br>Navayana Buddhism and the Modern Age

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