Evidence-based Policy Making in Labor Economics

Evidence-based Policy Making in Labor Economics

The IZA World of Labor Guide 2018

von: Hamermesh Daniel S. Hamermesh

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Veröffentl.: 20.09.2018
ISBN/EAN: 9781472963994
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IZA World of Labor provides a reliable and concise guide to the best thinking and research on labor economics for decision makers, advisors, and interested citizens concerned with labor market issues worldwide.Written by well-known labor economists, this volume presents research findings on key policy issues in a compact and readable format, as distillations of comprehensive evidence-based research with concise policy recommendations. Designed to act as a quick reference, this guide brings together summaries of over 100 articles published on the IZA World of Labor website to give busy policy advisors, journalists, researchers, policymakers and concerned citizens in every country around the world instant access to authoritative guidance on key policy topics. These include summaries of the current state of specific country labor markets; the effects of climate change; part-time employment; multiple job-holding; motherhood wage penalty; big data; and labor market outcomes of trans people.

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