Finger Hingez

Finger Hingez

von: José Gabriél Garcia

11,99 €

Verlag: AuthorHouse UK
Format: EPUB
Veröffentl.: 19.06.2006
ISBN/EAN: 9781456725525
Sprache: englisch
Anzahl Seiten: 140

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New millennium collection of poetry that range from shamanistic nature observation to relationships to abstract thought.

The title was chosen by inspiration by the book Criticism by Charles Kaplan, in which a description of a poet is someone whos creative ability transpires from Gods hand[s]. Starting from the tip of the finger[s] first ring, or joint, up to the middle then to the knuckle would depend on the quality of the poet.

This book has some originally created Spanish language poetry with a pure translation for the reader. The literature has heavy slang to educated speech. All, though, in a style unorthodox. Some epigrams are also included in this package.

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