An Intimate Study of Sherlock Holmes


An Intimate Study of Sherlock Holmes

ApeBook Classics, Band 34

von: Arthur Conan Doyle

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Veröffentl.: 11.02.2018
ISBN/EAN: 9783961301089
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An interesting insight into Conan Doyle's thinking and his reactions to the fame that Sherlock Holmes gained. "An Intimate Study of Sherlock Holmes" was written by Conan Doyle for the January 15, 1918 issue of Detective Story Magazine.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930) was a Scottish physician and writer who is most noted for his fictional stories about the detective Sherlock Holmes, which are generally considered milestones in the field of crime fiction. He is also known for writing the fictional adventures of a second character he invented, Professor Challenger. He was a prolific writer whose other works include fantasy and science fiction stories, plays, romances, poetry, non-fiction, and historical novels.

The size of the eBook is about 25 pages.

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