Ummed Singh

History of India

A brief introduction about Indian History ( all periods)

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Indian history is divided into three parts
Ancient history Episode - 1
Ancient history Episode - 2
Medieval Indian history
Modern history of India Episode-1
Modern history of India Episode - 2
Gandhi Era ( 1919 - 1948 )
Constitution of India
About India's environment


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Indian history is divided into three parts

There are three types of Indian history ........


A. Ancient History  ( 2500000 B.C.  - 700   E.  )

B. Medieval History ( 712 E.           -  1707 E. )

C. Modern History  ( 1857 E.          -  1947 E. )


Father of history = Herodotus ( Greece)


Que. What is history?


Ans. History is particularly used in two ways. One is the events of ancient or bygone times and the other is the concept of the history of those events (it + ha + as; asthma, ls another man and a word) means " it was sure ". The people of Greece used the term "history" for history. "History" literally means "weave". It is estimated that an attempt was made to weave known events in an orderly manner to present a picture that is meaningful and well-documented. Thus the word history means anecdote group (such as folk tales ), (such as Mahabharat), or historical evidence derived from tradition. The subject we study under history describes chronological events or events related to it in chronological order. In other words, the name of specific human events is history. Or history is the description of events related to mankind, coming from antiquity to newness. These events and historical evidence are authenticated on the basis of fact.


But I am only talking about Indian history, not that other country, Dharm, and subjects.