Reflective Practices in Arts Education

Reflective Practices in Arts Education

Landscapes: the Arts, Aesthetics, and Education, Band 5

von: Pamela Burnard, Sarah Hennessy

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<P>This book explores reflective practice as a source and resource for teaching, learning and research in Art and Design, Dance, Drama and Music. Many of the authors are both arts educators and researchers who reflect current trends in arts education, and consider the relationships between teachers, artists and learners across disciplines. The book offers a resource for individual and collective professional development which, by its nature, involves reflecting on practice.</P>
It is an exciting time to be an artist and artist educator. Networks of schools and artists are being motivated by arts partnerships, a relatively new phenomenon in a field which whilst disparate in its character and practice, is marked by a common intention, to respond effectively and critically to politically driven agendas of accountability, school improvement and pupil attainment. More than ever artists and educators alike have begun to realise the need to develop practices which offer the development of artist educator pedagogies as agencies for change and political action. Understanding the function of reflective practice, the conditions which s- port it and its impact on learning, are addressed throughout this book. We hope that the book will motivate readers, with a diversity of interests and needs, to engage in reflections of their own professional practices and of the practices of the commu- ties in which they work This book is about reflection. The thesis about the field it covers and major premise of this book is that reflection matters at every turn in arts engagement and even more so in educational settings where artist educators share a passion for facilitating and understanding the ‘how’of learners engagement with p- ticular art forms. It aims to show ways in which reflection can inform and transform practice in terms of what, when and how reflection is embodied in arts engagement.
Acknowledgements,- Foreword by Liora Bresler,- The authors,- Editors’ Preface,- Section 1: Perspectives: 1:Understanding reflective arts practices: Issues, trends and possibilities: Burnard (UK/Australia) ,- 2. More than meets the eye: Adolescents and cultures of reflection- Kushner (UK),- 3.Reflective Creativity: Reforming the arts curriculum for the information age- Hilton (UK),- 4.Teaching arts as a reflective practice -Hentschke and Del Ben (Brazil),- 5.Reflecting on teaching performing arts to Muslims-Harris (UK),- 6.Challenges for artists and teachers working in partnership-Upitis (Canada),- Section 2: Tools of reflection: 7.Game for reflection? Reflections on the development and use of a reflective tool -Peel (Visual Arts- UK),- 8.Reflection and evaluation: Tools for learning by arts practitioners -Glover & Hoskyns (Music – UK),- 9.Using learning journals in teacher education in the Arts-Rolfe (Dance – UK),- 10.Changing practice through reflective use of digital technologies in the Arts -Cheung & Kung (Hong Kong, China),- 11.Tools for developing reflective thinking skills-Kerchner (USA),- Section 3: Case studies: Reflections in and on action: 12.Insights into reflective practice: Reengagement through peer teaching Drama -Morrison et all (Australia/UK),- 13. Cross and intercultural engagement: A case study in self reflection and finding meaning -Joseph (Australia),- 14. Reflective practice through the lens of a fifth grade composition-based music class-Younker (USA),- 15.Fair Exchange: Shared professional development-Ledgard (UK),- 16. Enabling reflective practice in arts education (culminating discussion on ‘how’ and reiteration of ‘why’)- Hennessy (UK),- References,- Name Index,- Subject Index
<P>This book is focused on the role of reflective practice, as a source and resource for teaching and learning, and research in the arts. It aims to investigate the concept of reflection and its application to a range of contemporary arts education contexts for both teachers and learners. For beginning and experienced teachers the book offers practical ideas and frameworks for thinking critically about their own teaching (and learning) as well as providing insights into work taking place in other arts disciplines. The growing field of arts partnerships and artist/educators is also well represented by case studies and descriptions of specific practical strategies.</P>
<p>Draws together scholars and practitioners from different art forms</p><p>Reflects a range of formal and informal settings for arts education practice</p><p>Offers an international perspective on what constitutes reflective practice</p><p>Seeks to highlight the relationship between details of implementation and value of reflective practices in arts education drawing on various contexts and practices from different parts of the world</p><p>Contributes significantly to the debate on the role of reflection in arts education</p>

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