Revelations: The Best Poetry of Jean Arthur Jones Over The Years

Revelations: The Best Poetry of Jean Arthur Jones Over The Years

von: Jean Arthur Jones, Bruce Whealton

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Format: EPUB
Veröffentl.: 21.02.2013
ISBN/EAN: 9781456612726
Sprache: englisch
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This collection of 44 poems, by Jean Arthur Jones, is edited and published by Bruce Whealton. It reflects the editor's personal impression of what are the best poems of the many that have been written by Mr. Jean Arthur Jones. In writing this, it is implied that some of the poems chosen may reflect personal preferences and as such, these poems may represent the editor's favorite poems by Jean Jones. This is inevitable as it is difficult to find any objective sense of "the best" when describing poetry. The poems represent a range of subjects and the order was chosen purposefully. However, the poems are not ordered in chronological order of when the poems were written or when they were published. One of the editor's favorite collections by Jean Jones is the "Angel of Death" poetry collection. That subject, as such, has received the most attention in this collection. Some advice I received within the past couple years from Jean was about honesty, to be honest, always, in one's poetry. And to ask oneself, "does it read as honest?" I think that is a theme I've found in the poetry of Jean Jones. Sometimes you will read about his raw emotions and at other times you experience his feelings along with his observations about the world, life, death, God, faith, good and evil. Some poems draw upon some rather deep literary sources of inspiration. Other poems draw upon the every day experiences. I think all readers will find that his poems vary in complexity and thus defy simple characterization. I'm not aware of too many poets that similarly have such varied style in their writing.

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