The Palgrave International Handbook of Youth Imprisonment

The Palgrave International Handbook of Youth Imprisonment

Palgrave Studies in Prisons and Penology

von: Alexandra Cox, Laura S. Abrams

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Verlag: Palgrave Macmillan
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Veröffentl.: 21.06.2021
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This handbook brings together the knowledge on juvenile imprisonment to develop a global, synthesized view of the impact of imprisonment on children and young people. There are a growing number of scholars around the world who have conducted in-depth, qualitative research inside of youth prisons, and about young people incarcerated in adult prisons, and yet this research has never been synthesized or compiled. This book is organized around several core themes including: conditions of confinement, relationships in confinement, gender/sexuality and identity, perspectives on juvenile facility staff, reentry from youth prisons, young people’s experiences in adult prisons, and new models and perspectives on juvenile imprisonment. This handbook seeks to educate students, scholars, and policymakers about the role of incarceration in young people’s lives, from an empirically-informed, critical, and global perspective.

1 Introduction

Part I Violated: Children’s Rights are Human Rights

2 Self-Isolation May Feel Like Jail: It’s Nothing Compared to Youth Prison

3 Children and Young People in Custody in England and Wales: Rights and Wrongs

4 Everyday Violence in El Redentor Specialized Care Center in Bogotá, Colombia

5 Doing Time: Young People and the Rhetoric of Juvenile Justice in Ghana

Part II Socio-Legal Contexts of Youth Imprisonment

6 The Rebirth of Delinquent ‘Adult-Children’: Criminal Capacity, Socio-economic Systems, and the Malleability of Penality of Child Delinquency in India

7 Juvenile Deprivation of Liberty in Brazil: Discretion, Expansion and Deterioration

8 “I Wanna Be Somebody by the Time I Turn 25”: Narratives of Pathways into Crime and Reentry Expectations Among Young Men in Germany and the United States

Part III Regulating Emotions and Relationships Behind Bars

9 State Property

10 Boredom: A Key Experience of Youth Imprisonment

11 Friendship in the Juvenile Correctional Institution

12 Juvenile Facility Staff: Research, Policy, and Practice

Part IV Gendering Justice

13 Straight and Narrow: Girls, Sexualities, and the Youth Justice System

14 “This Place Saved My Life”: The Limits of Christian Redemption Narratives at a Juvenile Detention Facility for Girls

15 Horizontal Surveillance and Therapeutic Governance of Institutionalized Girls

16 ‘Hypermasculinity’ in Interaction: Affective Practices, Resistance and Vulnerability in a Swedish Youth Prison

17 Incarcerated Young Men and Boys: Trauma, Masculinity and the Need for Trauma-Informed, Gender-Sensitive Correctional Care

Part V Coming Home: Life After Youth Imprisonment

18 The Expectations and Challenges of Youth Reentry

19 Nothing’s Changed but Me: Reintegration Plans Meet the Inner City

20 Young Women and Desistance: Finding a Net to Fall Back On

Part VI Young Adulthood and Long-Term Confinement

21 My Shame

22 The Pains of Life Imprisonment During Late Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood

23 Surviving Life: How Youth Adapt to Life Sentences in Adult Prisons 24 Experiencing the Death Penalty as a Child in Malawi: The Story of Henry Dickson

Part VII Abolition and the Future of Youth Justice

25 The Pitfalls of Separating Youth in Prison: A Critique of Age-Segregated Incarceration

26 Toward Transformation: The Youth Justice Movement in the United States on Ending the Youth Prison Model

27 Critical Reflections on Education for Children in Youth Justice Custody

28 Transforming Youth Justice Inside and Out
Alexandra Cox is Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Essex, UK. She previously served as Assistant Professor at the State University of New York at New Paltz in their Department of Sociology.Laura S. Abrams is Chair and Professor of Social Welfare at UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs, USA. Her scholarship focuses on improving the well-being of youth and young adults with histories of incarceration.

Includes a foreword by Professor Manfred Nowak
Balances scholarly analysis with ‘real life’ perspectives, from formerly-incarcerated youth, system administrators, and policy advocates
Draws in particular on the work of researchers who have engaged in qualitative research about the imprisonment of young people
Lays out the tensions and debates in this area of study
Speaks to those interested in the sociology of punishment and imprisonment, prison studies, juvenile delinquency/youth justice, critical youth studies, and social work/social welfare

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