The Politics of Education

The Politics of Education

Teachers and School Reform in Weimar Germany
Monographs in German History, Band 8 1. Aufl.

von: Marjorie Lamberti

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Veröffentl.: 01.07.2002
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<p> Although the early history of progressive education is often associated with John Dewey in America, the author argues convincingly that the pedagogues in the elementary schools in the big cities of Imperial Germany were in the avant garde of this movement on the European Continent. Far more than a history of ideas, this study provides the first comprehensive analysis of the culture wars over the schools in Germany in the 1920s. Going up to the Nazi seizure of power, the author's narrative sheds new light on the courageous defense of the republican state by the progressive educators in the 1930s and the relationship between the traditionalists' opposition to school reform and the attraction of certain sections of the teaching profession to the Nazi movement.</p>
<p> <b>Introduction</b></p>
<p> <b>Chapter 1.</b> The Avant-Garde of the School Reform Movement in Imperial Germany<br> <b>Chapter 2.</b> The November Revolution and the Opening of a New Era for School Reforms<br> <b>Chapter 3.</b> Pedagogues and Pastors in the Political Conflicts over the School<br> <b>Chapter 4.</b> Educational Reformers and the Modern School in the Republican State<br> <b>Chapter 5.</b> The Culture Wars over the Schools in the Weimar Era<br> <b>Chapter 6.</b> Schoolteachers and the Nazi Movement during the Crisis of the Republic</p>
<p> <b>Conclusion</b></p>
<p> Bibliography<br> Index</p>
<p> <b>Marjorie Lamberti</b> is Charles A. Dana Professor of History at Middlebury College. Her publications include <i>State, Society, and the Elementary School in Imperial Germany</i>.</p>

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