The Saint of Istanbul

The Saint of Istanbul

A Collection of Short Stories

von: Chance

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Verlag: AuthorHouse UK
Format: EPUB
Veröffentl.: 23.06.2011
ISBN/EAN: 9781456740177
Sprache: englisch
Anzahl Seiten: 108

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The world is your oysterThe Saint of Istanbul, consists of short stories that take you on amusing journeys where youll visit Paris, Berlin, London, Sicily, Casablanca, Rockford, Chicago and New York City You will meet many mysterious people who have amazing stories to tell:Omar loves to hear stories from my youth, especially my Love Castration story. He loves it so much hes made me tell it almost six-seven times. And again, on a groggy afternoon while sipping our mint tea, tired from all that lovemaking, Omar turned to me and said, Fatima, God has forsaken me from you for a good reason. Please tell me your Love Castration story once more. How did that happen?The journey begins now...

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